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We help our clients profit from AI and Data

Coca-Cola has more than 10 million coolers placed in retail outlets around the world. The majority of these are legacy coolers with no provisions for monitoring, and as such are vulnerable to out-of-stock situations, slow turnaround on identifying and fixing breakages, no temperature control, etc.

We devised the commercial model and big data platform necessary to retrofit connectivity to these coolers, having now connected more than 1m coolers to real-time monitoring, generating millions in economic value for Coca-Cola.

Argos, a major UK retailer, was looking to digitally transform from a catalogue retailer to a modern digital retailer. Having assessed their mobile capabilities compared to competitors, we devised a plan to relaunch the entire mobile sales channel. Having completed the project, Argos saw a revenue uplift of £250 million in the first 12 months after completion.

HSBC is a global bank servicing retail and corporate customers. In their Corporate Banking side, they employ a large number of Relationship Managers who provide financing services to major clients. HSBC wanted to make the relationships richer in context by providing their Relationship Managers with actionable intelligence to better service their clients.

We helped HSBC manage their innovation portfolio and executed a project to roll out mobile-enabled real-time intelligence to their Relationship Managers, based on a number of public and private data feeds and AI. Revenue was impacted positively, as was customer satisfaction.

We led the implementation of a major re-engineering program for the Nokia N8 family of phones, introducing virtual memory into mass produced consumer electronics in a world-first. This implementation reduced the production cost of devices generating hundreds of million euros worth of cost savings. The program involved more than 1000 people globally and supported the successful sale of more than 20 million cutting edge smart phones.