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We help our clients profit from AI and Data

We provide a range of services aimed at identifying and delivering profitable changes to traditional business operations using Artificial Intelligence and AI. The services fall into two categories:

  • Massive amounts of data with hidden, non-obvious patterns in it. Human brains are very poorly suited to optimising this type of data, whereas AI-type algorithms excel at this. Examples include banking or trading transaction data, or sales data correlated with inventory data.
  • Highly complex resource allocation scenarios, where multiple types of scarce resources are scheduled to achieve a specific outcome. Again, with this type of scenario, we humans have a hard time guaranteeing optimal resource utilisation, where AI algorithms can. Examples include complex production lines, construction scheduling, personnel scheduling, and more.

In our experience, specific types of businesses generally have a set number of options related to data value. For example, in various types of manufacturing, value is often found in production data improving quality and consistency, and in operational cost through preventive maintenance. Simultaneously, customer purchasing and sourcing data can lead to margin improvements. When addressing data in the financial industry, the value is often found in reduction of fraud, in customer churn, and in marketing effectiveness.

Our general approach starts with a Value Discovery phase, which identifies and quantifies valuable project opportunities. We then move into a Project Planning phase, where we line up relevant suppliers and technologies to deliver the value identified, and plan out the project, including economic models, cost estimates, etc. Finally we offer to oversee and lead the project implementation during the Value Execution phase.

Munin Approach

Value Discovery

In this phase, we undertake an analysis of a number of hypothetical scenarios which are likely to generate value for the business. The are typically specific business processes within a larger field, like investigating the potential for reduced spend leakage in duplicate Procurement or potential discounts from multiple uses of the same supplier. In Inventory Management, we might look at Demand Forecasting, or analyzing superfluous stock levels. In the unlikely event that the Value Discovery phase does not find any such initiatives, we do not charge the client.

Project Planning

Based on the Value Discovery, we move into the Project Planning phase, wherein we lay out a roadmap for implementation, engage implementation partners suitable for the technology delivery – including your existing providers as appropriate – and we ensure financing is in place to execute the selected projects. As a client you can expect a fully transparent plan with all the costs, risks, and forecast benefits available for you to decide which projects to undertake.

Value Execution

Ultimately, we move into the Value Execution phase, where we will oversee the project implementation and value realisation, keeping you abreast of value realised all along.
We have many years experience in delivering high-impact, high-complexity projects using proven methodologies. In particular we have our own Munin Delivery framework which is a bast-of-breed delivery framework that delivers both the benefits of speed and waste reduction of Agile methodologies, and the risk reduction and predictability of traditional waterfall methodologies.

In terms of our fees, it should be noted that we only charge half our fees until the point where you, the client, are seeing real monetary value in your business as an outcome of the selected projects. Not only does this demonstrate our commitment to be your partner, it also accentuates our confidence in our methods’ ability to generate real, tangible profit for your business.